mackerel means: This is a long and slim saltwater fish. Its flesh is firm, fatty and has a distinct savory taste. King mackerel (also known as “kingfish”) is the most well-known mackerel. “. (in Cooking Dictionary)

What else does mackerel mean?

King mackerel, also called kingfish, is the most well-known of the saltwater fish family found in the Atlantic Ocean. Mackerel is a firm and savory-flavored fish that can be smoked, salted, or fresh. (in Cooking Dictionary)

One of many marine fishes belonging to the Scombridae family, particularly Scomber scombrus A predatory fish found in the North Atlantic Ocean. It has dark-wavy bars at the back and a shiny belly. (in Merlin Dictionary)

One of many similar fishes to the horse mackerels. (in Merlin Dictionary)