Levites means in the bible: Descendants from Levi. This tribe was given the task of ministering at the sanctuary. Sometimes, the Levites are referred to as separate from priests in 1 Kgs. 8:4 and Ezra 2:170, John 1:19, sometimes it is as if all Levites were priests. 18:1; Josh. 3:3. 3:3. 3:5-10; 18:1-7. They were musicians in 1 Chr. 6:16, 31; 15:16; Neh. 11:17, 22. He slaughtered sacrifices in 2 Chr. 29:34, 35:11, Ezra 6,:20. He also assisted with the construction of Neh’s temple. 11:16, 19. As a wave-offering for the children of Israel Num, the Levites themselves were offered. 8:11-15. They were thus made God’s special property and given to Him as a replacement for the firstborn 8;16. Their office was cleansed 8:7-16. Their inheritance was not in Canaan, 18:23-24. However they did have the tithe (18:21), 48 cities 35:6, as well as a claim on alms at feast time Deut. 12:18-19; 14:27-29.
(in Bible Dictionary)