Kadesh or Kadesh-barnea means in the bible: Also known as En-mishpat Gen.14:7 or “the water from Meribah”, Num. 20:13. A city located in the southwest corner, Palestine. It is a fertile and well-watered spot within the wildlands of Zin. This is not to be confused the Kadesh, a city in the northern part of Palestine, which was the scene of the famous battle between Egyptians and Hittites. It dates back around 1287 B.C. Here Miriam died Num. 20:1. From here, two years later than leaving Egypt, 12 spies were dispatched to report on the land of Canaan Num. 13:26. After their return, there was a rebellion and the people were sent by God to wander 38 years.
(in Bible Dictionary)