jury panel means: N. The list of jurors that may be selected for a specific trial. (in Legal Dictionary)

What else does jury panel mean?

  • Jury panels are supposed to reflect different racial groups and be representative of diverse communities. (in Legal Dictionary)
  • In civil cases, there are eight jurors seated on a jury panel. Six of them will be selected for deliberation and the other two serve as alternates. In criminal cases, a larger number of jurors is assigned to the jury panel because there are usually 12 members on a criminal trial jury. (in Legal Dictionary)
  • The entire jury panel refers to the group of individuals who are selected to serve as jurors in a court proceeding. The jury panel consists of prospective jurors. Each prospective juror will be interviewed by judges. Lawyers are then provided with a list of prospective jurors that includes their name, address, and occupation. If the lawyer proves that the juror is not impartial, the judge can excuse the juror from the panel. A limited number can be excused by each side without providing any reason. (in Legal Dictionary)