Joshua means in the bible: God is our help. This name appears in the Old Testament in various forms, Jehoshua Hoshea Jeshua and Jesus. He is the son of Nun and the successor to Moses. 14:26 to 31; fought alongside Amalek Ex. 17:13-14. Moses was Moses’ minister at 24:13, 32:17 and 33:11 respectively; one of 12 spies Num. 13:8; Moses was appointed as Moses’ successor at 27:18-19, 34:17. See also Deut. 1:38; 3:28; 31:3, 23; 34:9. Below is the story of Joshua’s conquest of Palestine. At the age 110, he died and was buried at his home in Timnath-Serah. He is considered the most devout of all the warriors.
(in Bible Dictionary)