Job, book of means in the bible: The story tells of the sufferings that afflicted a righteous man, and discusses how morally problematic these are. Job has his “three friends” who discuss the meaning of his sufferings with him. They give their interpretation of them as a sign God’s anger or a punishment for sin, but Job refuses to admit it. They suggest that Job speak “words of no knowledge,” 38:2, but he later retracts it 42:3. God declares Job to have said the truth concerning God’s divine government 42.7, stating that there is an inexplicable mystery about the incidences of suffering which only fresh revelations can resolve. Elihu’s speeches on Job 32-37 are found in Job 32-37. He is stunned at Job’s impiety and calls for his condemnation. Job does not respond to this. The vision of God fulfills his own need for light, which he finally vouchsafed to satisfy. 42:4.
(in Bible Dictionary)