James, Epistle of means in the bible: Gal. 1:19 is the name of Mary’s son and it appears in Acts 12/17, 15/13, Gal. 2:9. 2:9. This epistle could be an earlier one in the New Testament. The epistle contains some clear statements about practical religion. It also includes the crucial advice in 1:5-6, that one should seek God’s help if he lacks wisdom. Joseph Smith was inspired by this instructive passage to seek out the Lord 1820 to find the true church. In the end, the Father and Son appeared to Smith and the Dispensation of The Fullness of Times (JS–H 1):9-20. Other important James teachings include those dealing with faith and work James 2, James 3, and James 5, which encourage patience James 5. James also calls the elders to bless the sick and gives them a blessing 5:14-16. James 20:19-20.
(in Bible Dictionary)