Jacob means in the bible: Supplanter. 1 One of Isaac’s twin sons Gen. 25.24-25. 26. They were brothers from birth. Esau’s descendents, the Edomites were rivals to the Israelites Gen. 25,23. Jacob lived a life that included the purchase of his birthright (25:29–34); the dream and promise Gen. 28; his return to Canaan; the acceptance at Penuel and reconciliation with Esau Gen. 32–33; later, Jacob with his family at Shechem and Ephrath Gen. 33–37; and finally, his trip into Egypt where he died and was buried in the cave at Machpelah Gen. 45-50. Jacob was the one who continued the covenant of Abraham Gen. 28:1-4 and 12-22. It was passed to Joseph, Ephraim and Ephraim.
(in Bible Dictionary)