When you dream melting means: The stage of inner transformation before melting is called melting. The melting of non-moving or stuck emotions by heating heat or the sun; ice melting indicates an end to negative or stuck state. The meaning of the dream will depend on the image that is being melted. If your dream involves the melting of skin and face, it can be interpreted as a negative symbol. This could refer to what surface images or things you show others. Melting teeth can signify a loss of strength or power. If your phone seems to be melting, it could indicate a lack of ability to connect or communicate with others. The positive symbol for melting gold, which is an indication of a change in state within the dreamer. Sun and masculine are symbols of inner transformation. Ice cream melting can indicate that you’re not grabbing the opportunity to have a good time. A melting candle can represent time, fear, darkness, insecurity, insufficient confidence, the core of your being, and spiritual darkness. The meaning of your dream depends on how you feel. Chocolate melting is a sign of childhood rewards, punishments or pleasures.
(in Dream Dictionary)