iraqi cuisine means: The richness and variety of Iraqi cuisine is evident. It incorporates many spices that are typical of Arabic cooking such as mint and saffron. Meats that are preferred in Iraq include lamb, beef and goat as well as poultry. Muslims don’t eat pork or any pork-derived products. Like other Middle Eastern countries in the Middle East, Iraqi dishes are often made with vegetables and rice. The most popular meals in Iraq are the kebabs. These consist of chunks of grilled meat skewered; quzi, roasted, and stuffed lamb; or kubba which is minced meat mixed with nuts, raisins, and spices. Masgouf, a specialty dish that is made with fish from the Tigres River, can be found here. Tripe is another popular dish, which is made from cow’s stomachs. Flat rounds of bread samoons are often served with most meals. People enjoy desserts such as rice pudding, Turkish Delight and sesame cookies from Iraq. Baklava is a sweet pastry with honey, pistachios, and filo sheets. Coffee and tea are the most popular drinks in Iraq. Arabic coffee is known for its intense flavor. People in Iraq brew coffee bitter and thick, then serve it hot. Tea is typically served in tiny glasses, and it’s usually drunk with no milk. Soft drinks and fruit juices are popular as well. (in Cooking Dictionary)