ipa means: Internatioanl Phonetic Alphabet. The slash symbol will be used to indicate the word’s pronunciation. A way to describe how the word should sound. This includes sound that may not be common in English. Anyone who understands the symbols can comprehend and pronounce it. (in Slang Dictionary, added by Evelin Howard)

What else does ipa mean?

  • A term that refers to a person who suddenly becomes attractive, called Intermittant Paradoxal Attractiveness. It usually occurs without warning, and often disappears quickly. A “two-face” is similar to this. A girl might come in with perfect hair, makeup and looks to work but she is not usually attractive. (in Slang Dictionary, added by Cadence Rich)
  • You can find the Help: IPA symbol for any IPA symbols you don’t see. English orthography: SS Sound to spelling correspondences has a table that lists all the spellings for each sound on this page. English orthography, SS Spelling to Sound correspondences can help you convert spelling into pronunciation. You may find the words used to describe two symbols similar. You may say cot and catch the same way, but do and dew or marie and merry might sound different. Dialect variation is a common reason for this. See our English phonology article and International Phonetic Alphabet chart to learn more about English dialects. This means that you can pronounce the symbols in any other word the same way.1 The reason for this depends on whether the words are merged.2 See the footnotes for more information. (in Slang Dictionary, added by Quiddle)