Ileus, paralytic means: Paralytic ileus: Intestinal obstruction due to
Paralysis of the intestinal muscle. Paralysis doesn’t have to be severe to lead to ileus. However, the paralysis must cause intestinal muscle paralysis that prevents food from passing through the intestinal walls. This can result in functional obstruction of the intestine. Ileus can be caused by certain types of surgery. You may also experience it from taking certain medications.
Spinal injuries, inflammation of the stomach that touches the intestines and diseases of intestinal muscles. Irrespective the reason, constipation can cause abdominal distention and nausea, as well as vomiting. Listening to your abdomen using a stethoscope will reveal that there are no or very few bowel sounds. This is because your bowels are inactive. Sometimes referred to as ileus.
(in Medical Dictionary)