hodl means: A passionate misspelling for Hold prompts bitcoin users not to sell their coins if the price rises. (in Slang Dictionary, added by Subtle)

What else does hodl mean?

  • A misspelling “on purpose, kinda”, of the word “hold”. It was first used in altcoin in 2013. Later it was said that it meant “Hold on for dear life”. This reinforces the idea that in a Bear Market, you shouldn’t be selling. Either you ride it to the bitter end or the price goes back up. The good news is that crypto prices tend to rise again. First use reference: bitcointalk.orgindex.phptopic=375643.0. (in Slang Dictionary, added by Jonas Pace)
  • Hodl is an acronym that stands for Hold on For Your Life. It is a common reference to cryptocurrencies. This is used when people believe that cryptocurrencies will provide long-term benefits. In past tense situations, hodling will be used by people as well. (in Slang Dictionary, added by Ramiro Goodman)
  • To hold onto an equity or cryptocurrency share until its market value is close to zero in hopes that it will one day return to the high price of the past, aka “moon”. (in Slang Dictionary, added by Esiquio Molina)
  • Instead of trading day to take quick profits, hold bitcoinaltcoins and make long-term profits. A user originally used the term ‘HODLING” in a forum post drunk on bitcointalk.org. “I wrote that typo twice, because it wasn’t right the first time. It’s still wrong. we. GF is out with her girlfriends at a bar for lesbians, BTC crashes. WHY IS THAT? I’ll tell you. Because I ** a terrible trader. Yes, good traders are able to spot highs and lows just like this and still make millions. The weak hands will say OH NO IT IS GOING DOWN, I’M GOING TO SELL. He he.he. And then they’ll be like OH GOD MIY ASSHOUSE when smart traders know exactly what’s going on and buy back in. But you’ll notice that I ** not part of this group. The traders will buy me back in so I don’t have to. NO ****, I SHOULD NOT HAVE SOLD. You know what? Not everyone is as cool as you. If you’re a skilled day trader, or an illusioned noob, then selling in bear markets is not for you. People in between hold. The zero-sum game of trading is one in which traders only have the right to take your money if they sell. So I’ve tried some whiskey It’s actually whisky on the bottle We Sue me But only if you can pay in Bitcoin Bitcointalk.org user (in Slang Dictionary, added by Gnotobiology)