Hezekiah means in the bible: 1 King of Judah and great political and religious reformer 2 Kgs. 18:1-21:3; 2 Chr. 29:1-33:3; Isa. 36-39. 36-39. He had the support of the prophet Isaiah in his reforms, both church and state. It was a prosperous period of his reign. Hezekiah led a successful expedition against 2 Kgs of the Philistines. 18:8; 2 Chr. 28:18, and declined to pay Assyria the 2 Kgs. 18:7. Two Assyrian invasion occurred soon after. Isa refers to the first Sargon invasion. 10:24-32. Sennacherib describes the second in more detail in 2 Kgs. 18:13-19:7. The city was finally liberated after a period of anxiety, possibly due to a plague that had broken out in Assyrian camps. After a 29-year reign, Hezekiah was killed a year later.
(in Bible Dictionary)