hat means: Headwear is commonly referred to as “hat” but it’s more common to use the generic term to mean a crown- and brimless headcovering. Hat makers are less likely to use the word hat to describe a cover that doesn’t tie below the chin. Toque is an ill-fitting hat with a small or no brim. The classic men’s hat styles are the fedora and the homburg. This is a thicker, more stiff felt hat that features a narrower brim, and has a hard front and back crease. (in Fashion Dictionary)

What else does hat mean?

Covering for the head with special attention to a shaped crown or brim (in Merlin Dictionary)

As a sign of authority, a headcover of distinctive shape and color worn on the head. (in Merlin Dictionary)

This headcover is symbolic of the office. (in Merlin Dictionary)

The wearing of different hats is a symbol for a role or job. (in Merlin Dictionary)

Cover or supply a hat. (in Merlin Dictionary)

( At the touch of a button () With the slightest provocation or pretext. (in Merlin Dictionary)

( Hands on hat () With humility; in a modest manner. (in Merlin Dictionary)

( Take (one’s?) hat off (To respect, admire, or felicitate. (in Merlin Dictionary)

( Talk through the (one’s). hat (To talk nonsense. (in Merlin Dictionary)

( Talk through the (one’s). hat ) To bluff. (in Merlin Dictionary)

( Throw /toss () To run for office in a political party. (in Merlin Dictionary)

( under (one’s) hat (A secret, or with confidence. (in Merlin Dictionary)