hash means: Tx Hash, or Transaction Hash, is an unique identifier for a cryptocurrency transaction. It proves the transaction has been validated and then added to the Blockchain. (in Cryptocurrency Dictionary)

What else does hash mean?

  • Learn more about transaction hashes by visiting our Help Page – What’s a Transaction Hashhash ID? (in Cryptocurrency Dictionary)
  • A hash function, a mathematical function, converts data input of any length or size to an encrypted output with a predetermined length and/or size. The hash function cannot be reverse engineered after it is converted to expose the original data input. The data input is therefore more protected against being decrypted. (in Cryptocurrency Dictionary)
  • A cryptographic hash function links a block to its predecessor block whenever a block is added to a Blockchain. The hash function transforms transaction data in a block into an unique string of text known as a hash. This cannot be changed without changing the hash value of the block before it and all of the history of the blockchain. (in Cryptocurrency Dictionary)
  • Because every block in a blockchain is linked to all blocks before it, this design makes them immutable. (in Cryptocurrency Dictionary)
  • Any data set that is of any length or size can be converted using a hash function into an unique sequence of numbers, letters and numbers. Any part of the data will have its hash changed if it is altered. (in Cryptocurrency Dictionary)
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