Gerizim and Ebal means in the bible: Ebal and Gerizim are the two mountains located in central Palestine. A valley between them was the location of an ancient Shechem settlement, which is close to Nablus. Gerizim lies 800ft above the plain at 2850 feet sea level, and Ebal 100ft higher. Both have steep faces with the summits about one-third of a mile apart. In Deut. 11:29, 27:12: Instructions are given to place a blessing on Mount Gerizim and a curse on Mount Ebal. Josh. 8:33. Gerizim was the place where Jotham received Judg’s parable. 9:7. 9:7. One Manasseh was either the grandson or son of Joiada and was a priest at Jerusalem Neh. 13:28 had already married Sanballat, the Horonite’s daughter. He refused to give her up and was expelled as priest.
(in Bible Dictionary)