gaiter means: A gaiter is similar to a spat. It’s a protective cover of leather or cloth that covers a shoe. They cover the ankles, and occasionally the lower leg. A gaiter, which is an overshoe is a gaiter, can also be integrated into the shoe to cover the ankle and instep. Think of ‘Spats Columbo’, the Prohibition America gangster from Billy Wilder’s 1959 movie ‘Some Like it Hot. (in Fashion Dictionary)

What else does gaiter mean?

Heavy cloth, leather or vinyl covering the legs, extending beyond the instep and reaching the ankle or knee. (in Merlin Dictionary)

Similar covering made of moisture-resistant fabric that is used by hikers and skiers. (in Merlin Dictionary)

A shoe that is ankle high with elastic sides. (in Merlin Dictionary)

A cloth overshoe. (in Merlin Dictionary)

Skiers often wear a tubular collar that fits tightly around their neck. (in Merlin Dictionary)