flounce means: Flounce can be described as an exaggeration or frill. A wide, gathered strip of fabric that is sewn into a dress or skirt. These are most commonly found at the hem. They help to exaggerate the silhouette and character of the skirt. (in Fashion Dictionary)

What else does flounce mean?

Move in an energetic or lively manner. (in Merlin Dictionary)

Exaggerated, or affective movements. (in Merlin Dictionary)

Move clumsily or flounder. (in Merlin Dictionary)

Fluncing is the act of or motion to flouncing (in Merlin Dictionary)

One edge of a strip of decorative material, often gathered or pleated, attached to a garment, or curtain. (in Merlin Dictionary)

Trim with strips or strips of pleated or gathered material. (in Merlin Dictionary)