Favism means: Hemolytic anemia is a condition that causes Favism.
Red blood cell breakdown after Vicia fava bean Vicia fava is eaten or when exposed to sunlight
The pollen from the fava tree. Only people who have a history of a dangerous reaction to pollen from the fava plant are at risk.
Deficiency in the enzyme glucose-6-phosphate-dehydrogenase (G6PD), an X-linked gene
trait. Favism is not a risk factor for all G6PD-deficient family members.
Additional need to have a single, not X-linked autosomal gene that creates the susceptibility
Favism in G6PD-deficient people. Fava beans contain the active hemolytic principle.
DOPA-quinone is likely. Different susceptibility levels to favism could be due to different factors
In the enzyme system that transforms L-DOPA into DOPA-quinone.
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