Fart means: Fart: It isn’t an accepted practice
Medical term for gas passing. The excess gas is the
Flatulence is medically referred to as intestinal. What is it?
Excess gas can be difficult to diagnose since it is not symptom-free.
Individuals have recorded around 14 gas passages
Each 24 hours.
(in Medical Dictionary)

What else does Fart mean?

In its unique way, the Oxford English Dictionary OED notes that “fart” does not have a proper use. OED describes fart as a transitive verb: “To send forth.”
Wind from the anus 1632 This word is from the Old
English for “feortan”, which means “to blow wind.” The word “fart”, although it is not in proper use, was still used by
Geoffrey Chaucer, a great English poet.
(in Medical Dictionary)

Break wind to expel gas from the intestinal tract through the anus.
(in Merlin Dictionary)

A sound that is often heard when gasses are released from the intestines.
(in Merlin Dictionary)

A foolish or annoying person.
(in Merlin Dictionary)

You can fool around and waste your time.
(in Merlin Dictionary)