Ezra means in the bible: Famous priest-scribe, who helped bring back part the exiles. Ezra 7, 10; Neh. 8; 12. His mission was to “teach in Israel statutes, and judgements.” He died in 458 B.C. Artaxerxes gave him an important Ezra 7-12-26, which allowed him to transport any Jewish exiles to Jerusalem, as well as offering offerings to the temple to which he had been entrusted. This edict granted the Jews many rights and privileges. He was directed to also appoint judges and magistrates. His first act of reform upon arriving in Jerusalem was to make the Jews separate from their foreign spouses. A list contains names and addresses of all those who were inflicted in this manner Ezra 10. Ezra’s later life is described in Nehemiah. This book is an extension of the Ezra book. He took the steps with Nehemiah to teach the Mosaic law Neh to the people. 8. The priests had held “the law” for a long time. Every Jew could now access it. Open reading “the book” of the law was an innovative departure that established the law at the heart of Jewish national life.
(in Bible Dictionary)