euthanasia means: A practice or act of ending the life or health of an animal or person with a terminal condition or other medical condition. (in Merlin Dictionary)

What else does euthanasia mean?

  • From Greek, Euthanasia is a practice that ends the life of an animal or person in painless and minimally painful ways to end suffering. It’s not a way to end someone’s misery. (in Slang Dictionary, added by Diana Dennis)
  • It’s basically assisted suicide for people who are unable to do so. They are often suffering from terminal illnesses. Jack Kevorkian is often associated. (in Slang Dictionary, added by Roberto Cano)
  • Let nature finish what it started. (in Slang Dictionary, added by Ellie Chan)
  • It is the best type of suicide because it preserves your dignity. (in Slang Dictionary, added by Heath Webster)
  • The act of euthanasia, also known as mercy killing, is used to relieve someone from their sufferings in military service without them revealing any death wishes to their superiors or chain of command. (in Slang Dictionary, added by Carmen House)