Esau means in the bible: Hairy. Jacob’s twin brother and elder son. They were brothers who became rivals right from their childhood and the ancestors to rival nations: the Israelites, and the Edomites. Jacob bought Esau’s birthright Gen. 25,33. He lost his leadership in the tribe as well as the covenant blessing Gen. 27, 29, 36, and Heb. 12:16-17. He got married against his parents’ wishes Gen. 26.34-35. See also 28.9 and 36.2. After settling in Mount Seir, he was a free man. On Jacob’s return to Padan-aram, he was still living in that area Gen. 32;32-32; 35.1, 29. He realized that the covenant blessing was not his and that Canaan’s land would not belong to him, so the brothers split in friendly. We don’t know much about Esau’s history. See Edom for his descendants.
(in Bible Dictionary)