Ephraim means in the bible: Fruitful. Ephraim, second son of Joseph Gen. 42:52, 46:20, but with the blessing from Jacob, Ephraim stood before Manasseh (elder son) 48:19-20. Joshua was a member of this tribe and much of the nation’s success later on came from him. The district that Joseph assigned included the most valuable land in the country. It was crossed by many important roads and contained historic sites such as Shechem, Ebal and Gerizim. Ephraim is known for being jealous of the success of Judg tribes. 8:1; 12:1. Ephraim’s jealousy towards Judah was what in large measure caused the division of both kingdoms. Rehoboam tried unsuccessfully to satisfy him by traveling to Shechem to be crown.
(in Bible Dictionary)