Englewood, New Jersey means in slang: Other than the Newark Airport departures sections section, this is New Jersey’s only positive place. This is not a terrible place. It is a pleasant city, where I spent fifteen years. There are many streets that make up Downtown. The East Hill neighborhood is the more upscale. The dangerous lower-side Downtown, also known as Englehood, is located across the tracks. Anywhere beyond Palisade Ave Chase Bank is not recommended. There are many other great restaurants in the area, including Blue Moon Mexican and Baumgarts Chinese/Asian, It’s Greek To Me Greek and Bennie’s Middle Eastern. A Palisade Court houses a few clothing shops and restaurants. You will find several automobile dealerships, along with Grand Avenue, Engle Street, and small factories. The social problem is my biggest pet peeve. It’s so racially divided. Because my family was not Orthodox, I received bad treatment by Orthodox Jewish neighbours living on East Hill. Many Hispanic and African Americans live there. You can also walk out into the night and be accosted by drunks who will take you to their car for unknown reasons. Englewood remains the most desirable city in New Jersey. (in Slang Dictionary, added by Jaylan Sawyer)