Endeavour hills means in slang: The suburb of Suburb is located in the South-East Melbourne. The majority of people in the middle to upper classes are able to enjoy many parks. There are three high schools and many more elementary schools. Gleneagles is the most popular school, while Maranatha is the choice of christians. Endeavour Hills Secondary College serves bogans and scouts. It only has a year 9, which will soon be demolished. It’s better than Doveton or Dandenong. It has its own market and shopping center. Although most people are friendly, there have been too many unwelcoming snobs and some sleazy sluts who moved in. It is still a wonderful suburb. (in Slang Dictionary, added by Shyanne Valentine)

What else does Endeavour hills mean?

The terrace is home to the famous Johnny Boy’s Pizza and Videobusters 3 movies. There’s also a Cheesecake shop. The Endeavour Hills …. are hilly. (in Slang Dictionary, added by Brady Galloway)