Emulation means in slang: Hardware that allows PCs to emulate gaming consoles for the play of games. Emulation can be used for many purposes. It is worthwhile to invest in emulation because it helps combat greedy gaming publishers who are trying to deceive people by offering micro-transactions and overpriced retro or modern games, DLCs, seasonal passes, bonuses, a lack of content, low-quality products, DLC, season passes, pre-order bonus, and other bogus services. Second, online gamers are stealing games because they’re either too poor or the games have become too costly. This is similar to textbooks, which cost about 1000 dollars in American universities. Many college students also pirate PDF textbooks to lower student loans. Gaming publishers are negligent and throw out the source code of their games, just like they did with the original 3 Crash games. They will not allow gamers to play any retro games. Emulation is a way to make the gaming industry less trash, reduce runaway capitalism and preserve creativity. It also helps to curb corporate slavery. (in Slang Dictionary, added by Elena Peña)