EMP-Goth means in slang: This description describes First Definition on Urban Dictionary from ZA2K: An EMP-Goth Electronic Metal Punk Goth is a member of an assortment of Alternative subcultures. Usually, they are able to identify themselves by having been a part in one of the other. This is most often a Electronic Metalhead who fights for Social and Environmental Justice and Equality, while also embracing dark fashion and the nihilism that comes with their concurrent Goth identities. EMP-Goths fear existence but know that oppression is what makes life more miserable. An EMP-Goth actively resists oppression by rocking in all black and blasting cutting-edge Metal music. It is also known as EMP-Goth because it has the same symbolism as EMPs (or Electromagnetic Pulses). Blackout technology. It is a symbol of both resistance and oppression in a technological and internet-centric society. EMP-Goths was created by gatekeeping from its parent genres You can’t be EMP-Goth if you are: Racist, Homophobic or Transphobic. This makes it more difficult to fight for equality for people who want to live happily and safely. Like Punk. It’s not just for everybody, it’s for all. (in Slang Dictionary, added by Mónica Vázquez)