Emotions means in slang: It doesn’t exist.
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What else does Emotions mean?

Trolling someone can cause a chemical reaction.
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The word is often used to describe a person. Mary is happy because she has her own stuffed animal. haa-pee, Happy.

Contrast; Mary is MAD for not having a stuffed animal. mah-d, Mad.

Sad, Kandelle has depression because Devan bought her a Toy. Saah-d, Sad.

Nervous, I’m very nervous because i am at my new school. Nervous, Nervous

My surprise party left me stunned. A-mayzd.
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It’s something I can resist.
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Noun: Emotions drive the rational person. Emotions can be created with or without marrit. Most people rely more on their instincts than their true thoughts when they are provoked. They can spiral out of control if they are not controlled by their thoughts.
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The phenomenon of emotions is a psychological phenomenon. It seems that emotions are more common in isolated females than in isolated males and less often among females overall. However, it is interesting to note that males exposed to women on a regular basis exhibit emotions. It is believed that emotions are transmitted through long-term interaction with carriers and arise from the ovaries.
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