Emmaleigh means in slang: She’s a terrible person, but she can also fight all kinds of bish.
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What else does Emmaleigh mean?

Dates men whose names start with a d or an r. Has a lot of good friends, mainly men. Always energetic,fun,smart,pretty and likeable.
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Prounounced: emily.

Emmaleigh is a beautiful, talented and gorgeous girl. Emmaleigh is kindhearted, warm-hearted and full of life. Although she is a friend and is very popular, her personality can sometimes be stoic and competitive. Emmaleigh has a low self-esteem. Sometimes they are very funny and hyper. They love to kiss and are very comfortable in bed. Emmaleigh is a strong, muscular woman who never lets people down. Their musical talents are impressive and they’re very intelligent. Emmaleigh is skilled in music and art.

These people are hopeless romantics and only want the best. Men whose names begin with J or A are their ideal partners. Sometimes they have difficulty controlling their emotions and can get lost. Although they aren’t the most common-sense, they possess enough knowledge to last a lifetime. Although they may not have the most beautiful skin, Emmaleigh girls are extremely curvy and not overly overweight. Emmaleigh is known for her large boobs.

Emmaleigh is a woman that every man should have in his life. Emmaleigh is unique and won’t let you down.
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