Emerson Policeman means in slang: Noun.

1. An overweight member of law enforcement who is not fit and healthy, or who eats doughnuts. 2. Man who obsesses about himself, and is often a bit vain about his appearance. 3. An inflexible or lazy person who is dependent on the Emerson tax payers for their living expenses. 4. A person who is incompetent or insignificant. 5. Person who is not active; not busy. 6. False advertising campaigns are used to scam, exploit or cheat taxpayers.

Synonyms include: Blue Asshole. Fuzz. Scumbag. Stupid Sandwich Makers. Flatfoot. Cop. Prick. Slacker. Loser. Bum. A small oily fish.

Middle English slak is derived from Old Norse Slakki

Source: American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language Fourth Edition.
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