Emboar means in slang: This is the final evolution of Unova’s fire-type starter Pokemon, Tepig. Mega Fire Pig Pokemon. 5’03”,1.6m. 330.7 lbs150kg.

This type is a Fire- and Fighting Type. The starter Pokemon with the greatest base HP and Attack stats. It can engulf its fingers in flames using the fiery hair to unleash fire-like punches.

Blaze takes 1.5x the damage of fire-type moves when your HP is below 13; Reckless Hidden Ability makes recoil moves such as Flare Blitz and Wild Charge. Takedown, Double Edge, Wild Charge, Wild Charge, Head Smash. When used, do more damage.

Base statistics:

HP: 110

Attack: 123

Defense: 65

Sp. Attack: 100

Sp. Defense: 65

Speed: 65.
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What else does Emboar mean?

This is the best pokémon. This incredible powerhouse of kickass is unrivalled. To prepare for what’s to come, simply curl up into a ball and lay down upon your first encounter.
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