Emadia means in slang: An Emadia is a strong and unique individual. Emadia is a great person to laugh with when you’re feeling low. She can also be incredibly insightful and willing to have deep conversations that could change your life. Emadia has a varied background, and is quick to share her experiences with you. Although she is an adorable, petite lil squish, Emadia is more of a BAMF inside. Emadia is by far one of the most imaginative people you will meet. They are also often the greatest vocalists in any group. Emadia is intelligent and will not be afraid to share her knowledge with you. You can share your joys and challenges with her, as she will also help with your own. Be aware. Some people may not be able to manage such an intellectual. Emadia can sometimes be wacky, but she is also very silly around her closest friends. This makes the whole experience more enjoyable for all. Unfortunately, some people are just too quick to dismiss the possibility of Emadia’s life-changing experience. You are fortunate to have met an Emadia at one time in your life. Be open to new experiences and know you’re lucky.
(in Slang Dictionary, added by Dolores Núñez)