Elyza means in slang: Elyza, a hot young girl is extremely kind and funny. Elyza has beautiful eyes, good aim and a lot to friends.
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What else does Elyza mean?

Elyza is kind and loving. Elyza is smart, loyal, and honest. Her smile is infectious and she has a great sense of humor. Her beauty and heat are unmatched.
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Hot-tempered girl who is interested in fire. Also known as poi pixie.
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Elyza is a beautiful, caring, compassionate, adorable girl. Elyza is smart and very funny. You will find her funny and will laugh at you. Her personality is infectious and she is open with all. Although she is sometimes a bit protective, she will tell the truth. That’s okay. Elyza has a positive disposition and is ready to take you on that terrifying rollercoaster ride you have been dreaming of. Elyza is absolutely stunning.
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She is a shy, quiet girl who rarely knows anyone. You will discover that she is very sweet and funny when you get to know. You will find her a kind, caring friend. Her smile attracts men like a magnet. Do not let Elyza fall in love with your man. Elyza is a strong woman and will never cheat on you. If you allow her to go, it’s a sign that you are letting one of your best friends slip.
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