Elyria means in slang: E-town is a city that’s commonly known for its “baby drama”, lack money, jobs and drugs ……., and nasty women who believe there are others.
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What else does Elyria mean?

Manufacturing city in decline It is the end of state assistance. Elyria is home to teenage mothers.
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One city in Ohio, in the Cleveland region.

Elyria, which is urbanized and depressed, can be divided into four areas. There are four areas: The Northside (Southside), Eastside (Eastside) and Westside. While the Northside and Eastside mix urban and suburban, they are nice and largely white. There are some areas that are not so good and others where there is potential for improvement. Southside is unsafe, dangerous and poor. South Elyria has an extremely high crime rate and regular shootings. There are also open drug markets and 90 drug dealers living down there. The city of Lorain is similar.
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