Elvis Presley Volcano means in slang: According to DarkestDay, the Elvis Presley Volcano sexual technique is complex.

Although it is not an easy move, it will make you a God. You will need to have a funnel, vinegar, baking soda and a condom.

You convince your girlfriend that you can have anal sex. Put on your condom, and then you go to her. While you’re in there, pull out the condom, but make sure it is in her rectal cavity. You then insert the funnel with stealth so that she believes you’re back in her.

Next, pour the baking soda into the condom. Then you add the vinegar. Next, grab your girlfriend’s genitals and squeeze her cheeks. This will seal in vinegar and baking soda, preventing it from escaping. You then grab her by the arm and shake it. When she questions you, you will yell at her “I’M all shook up UH-HU!” and then let go. She will then let go of the pressure in her rectal cavity and begin hovering about the room.
(in Slang Dictionary, added by Patricia Mcgrath)