elvinel means in slang: Elvinel is a combination of Elvis and Nelly lovers.

They’re admirable and love ones.

Elvis cares about Nelly, and Nelly can also be caring. However, she may sometimes try to cover up her true feelings by being harsh. Her smile is amazing. Elvis loves her in every way and is a huge fan. To find out how she is, he would phone her a thousand times. No matter what, he will always fight for her. It may take some time before they can love one another again. Although Nelly can be very scared and fragile, she will get over it with time. Although they fight almost every day, Nelly and Nelly can settle their differences with chocolate because Nelly is a chocolate lover.

They are incredible together.

Some times they become close friends, while other times it becomes more than that.

They aren’t always the same country.

They are loved together by many people.
(in Slang Dictionary, added by Armani Flores)