ElVAN means in slang: ELVAN, an old word that is rarely used in a name, can be described as an obscure term.

Mainly for the 600BC black leaders

You should not play with ELVAN, he is a true Nigga.

He is not only a strong person, but he also has a great heart for his family. You’ll see the good side if you are lucky enough.

ELVAN is very creative and a man who speaks his mind.
(in Slang Dictionary, added by Johan Evans)

What else does ElVAN mean?

This is a smoking hot Turkish girl:

1. Is smoking hot.

2. Is hilarious.

3. She can twerk everything except her anses.

4. You can probably eat more than me, I promise.

5. She may have difficulty keeping her saliva in check.

6. She grinds her teeth while she sleeps.

7. She speaks in her sleep.

8. She may choke upon her laughter and suddenly pass out in front of your face for between 2.5-3 seconds.
(in Slang Dictionary, added by Jaqueline Friedman)