Ellanite means in slang: N. is a parasite that lives in the Houston suburbs, TX. It’s found between FM 1960, Interstate 45, and Ella Blvd. They survive on the foods of tax payers and larger organisms. Although Ellanites can reproduce sexually, it’s not uncommon for male Ellanites to search for a mate after they have had a child. The female Ellanite has the option to receive a better tax-paying organism through reproduction. Ellanites often travel in large groups. You can identify them by their exoskeletal structure, which is often made of metallic or gold and called bling. You might also find them drinking malt liquor and smoking marijuana. Although the Ellanite population had been thought to have been controlled in the past, an environmental disaster that occurred in 2005 led to many parasitic organisms from different regions moving to Ella Boulevard. It was more volatile than expected and its effects on surrounding organisms are still being assessed. Avoid Ellanite contact at all costs (in Slang Dictionary, added by Gavin Dawson)