Elkmont means in slang: The town is located between AL and TN. It’s gone if you blink. It’s a gangta-filled place with lots of wannabe gangtas, but the majority are just plain rednecks. The boys driving big boy toys can’t manage the hotrod toys. They are crazy, wild and mean, but it is because the females drink more beer than all of their male counterparts. This could be the reason 12 has so much more than junk in its trunk. You just have to be careful of creepers. You will find creepers, crackheads and metheads everywhere. This place, however, is small enough that you can get to know everybody. They may be what you believe, but they’re not. It’s good. It is usually between 20-40 years old. Bible Thumpers is a close knit community. Everyone knows their neighbors and what they do. You even get to know which person gets welfare, and what amount. Ask them. You can ask any of them about their family histories and gossip. We always support each other. There are many wonderful people living in Elkmont. There is more to Elkmont than gossip and bad news. You will feel welcome and welcomed by everyone. (in Slang Dictionary, added by Felix Archer)