elinna means in slang: This name is a Hindi name that means “wise”. It has the same meaning of Elana or Elina, but it’s unique due to its spelling. Elinna usually refers to someone smart, compassionate, and kind. Elinna puts all her effort into every task she undertakes. She is devoted to excellence and will never settle for less. Sometimes she is smarter than her peers her age and is confused by why other people don’t get it. Although she is a natural athlete, she can also be sexy. She is a very independent, strong woman who men talk to a lot. Don’t lose heart if you find an elinna. Elinna will care about you always and is an ideal friend because she is committed to all she does. Elinna is a social person who everyone can identify. (in Slang Dictionary, added by Jaelyn Small)

What else does elinna mean?

One girl with a dark mind. (in Slang Dictionary, added by Macey Cannon)