Elijah means in the bible: Jehovah, my God. The Tishbite was called “the Tishbite”, but it is not clear what this name means, as no source has been identified. He was “of Gilead”, the beautiful and wild hill country east Jordan. His character was shaped by the unique nature of that district, and the isolated life of its inhabitants. His parents are unknown. His work was carried out in the northern kingdom at a point when the people, due to Ahab and Jezebel’s influence, had nearly abandoned the worship of Jehovah, and were now worshippers of Baal 1 Kgs, the Phoenician god. 16:32; 18:19. The 1 Kgs contains a detailed account of Elijah’s life. 17-22; 2 Kgs. 1-2, 2 Chr. 21:12-15. There are several references to him in New Testament Scriptures: Matt. 16:14, 17:3 and 27:47-49 Mark 6:14-15 Mark 9:4; Luke 5:25-26 Luke 5:17; Luke 4:25-25 Luke 5:17 9:30 James 5:17 (in Bible Dictionary)