electroclash means: A festival put together by Larry Tee to feature new musical artists, most of whom were electro-based – soon became the term to describe the nu-electrosynthpoptechpopretro 80s genre that artists adopted to themselves or rather, fans attached to the artists. (in Open Dictionary, added by Lea Rivera)

What else does electroclash mean?

This music movement mixes punk-inspired music and an interest in fashion, art, and music. (in Open Dictionary, added by Donovan Douglas)

This style of electronic music blends elements from punk, techno and 80’s synthpop. It is characterized by the shift away from DJ-driven electronic music in the 1990’s to a performance-based style with more emphasis on lyrics. The 80’s synth artist Gary Numan and New Order were key influences. The 80’s sci-fi classic “Liquid Sky” is a major influence on the aesthetics of the movement. New York DJ Larry Tee invented the term “Electroclash”, and copied it. He organized an “Electroclash”, a festival that brought together electro musicians like Fisherspooner, A.R.E., and others. Weapons, Ladytron, Adult. Peaches, Ladytron, Chicks On Speed, and Peaches. This term was popularized in the same year that DJ Felix Da Housecat, an established DJ, teamed up to create “Silver Screen-Shower Scene” with Miss Kitten, High Priestess at Electroclash. It became the first international hit for the movement. Many artists feel that Lary Tee’s copyrighting of the name “Electroclash”, has led to confusion about the boundaries of the movement. The situation was further complicated by bandwagon jumping later artists latching onto the movement’s obvious cliches, eg: Vocoded vocals or lyrics about androids. This has led to some ridicule being heaped on the larger movement. (in Open Dictionary, added by Parker Kennedy)