Electric Six means: Detroit-based group known for their crude, sexually explicit, funny, and somewhat arousing lyrics. Their lyrics often include the words nuclear, fire, and dance. They have a mix of rock, pop and disco. The band is also West Michigan’s most prominent political group. Muskegon is the home of their drummer. The drummer lives with his bird in a house.
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What else does Electric Six mean?

A disco-rock group from Detriot, that specialises in making weak people sick. Those of us who are strong enough can praise them for their efforts.
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One of the most influential bands ever to exist

Of course, that is just my opinion. You may differ.

It includes:

Dick Valentine vocals

The Colonel guitarist

Johnny Nahinal guitar

Smorgasbord Bass

Tait Nucleus keyboards

Drums from PercussionWorld

Responsible for albums such as Fire, Flashy, Senor Smoke, Switzerland, and I Shall Exterminate Everything Around Me that Restricts me from being the Master

The songs were written by: Gay Bar, Dance Commander Danger High Voltage and Gay Bar pt 2. Graphic Designer, Down at McDonaldz among many other musical gems.
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You moron, not Britsh. Detroit based rock band. They are known for their bizarre style, compulsive lies and friendship with The White Stripes.
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