Electric means: Noun

1. It can refer to anything that is extraordinary glamorous or spectacular; it could also be referred to as vivacious.

2. This term may be used to describe a person who is charismatic, interesting, or captivating.
(in Open Dictionary, added by Janae Fritz)

What else does Electric mean?

You can make someone or something electric, which is a way to be fucked cool.
(in Open Dictionary, added by Alexus Curry)

It’s like sparks fly around you when you hit it off with others.
(in Open Dictionary, added by Larry Deleon)

A variation on the overused cool and awsome sweet and sick is another variant.

I can also be enlightening and give a great performance.
(in Open Dictionary, added by Madison Anthony)

A term used to refer to or produce electricity.
(in Merlin Dictionary)

A sound that is related or created by or modified using an electronic or electrical device.
(in Merlin Dictionary)

Electronic devices amplify the effect.
(in Merlin Dictionary)

It is emotionally thrilling; exciting.
(in Merlin Dictionary)

Extremely tense and charged with emotion.
(in Merlin Dictionary)

A vehicle or machine that is powered by electricity.
(in Merlin Dictionary)