Electric maud means: An adjective that refers to a person’s style. Style stereotypes such as “scene”, except for electric maud, are part insane and part easy. A person who combines two styles. The first style is unique, wild, unusual, electric, or comparable to the scene and maud. This could also include any other style not related to the “scene”, or another “emo”. This style incorporates both vintage and modern elements.

The girl is trendy, but she wears her band shirt all the time. She enjoys vintage, sushi and photography. She can be seen in either a classy, elegant dress and converse shoes or an ambercombie preppy skirt with an underground band shirt. She is a huge fan of all forms of rock music, and she hates the idea that you have to conform. Betsy Johnson is her favorite rock musician. She’s also crazy about Betsy Johnson, but she has a side of sweetness.
(in Open Dictionary, added by Eddie Suarez)