electoral college means: This is the useless piece of crap that won our white, wealthy man to power. (in Open Dictionary, added by Jairo Howell)

What else does electoral college mean?

This group represents the states and is the one that actually votes. This is also why Trump was elected, even though more people voted Hillary. Your vote is not important because of the electoral college. You can still vote, even if it is good for your health. (in Open Dictionary, added by Cayetano Crespo)

Also called the Electorate. The Constitution mandates a very complicated method of electing President of United States. Each state is given a number of electors or electoral votes by population–California 54 and Wyoming 3–equal to the number of electors it has in the Congress. The ballot does not state that Americans vote for President, but they do vote for electors to vote. Many states use a winner take all system, which gives their electoral votes to the person with the highest number of votes. Some states do not have a law and electors can vote for any candidate or the winner. However, the electoral votes awarded will depend on popular vote. The electors who have been chosen travel to their states capitals to vote for their President six weeks following the general election. These are the votes that were actually cast. Winner is the candidate who has at least 270 electoral vote more than 50 percent of total electoral votes. It is the electoral college, and not the popular vote that elects the president. The Constitution’s Founding Fathers set up this system. However, it led to two candidates being elected, one of which was George W. Bush in 2000. Although the electoral college has been criticized a few times by liberals, who do not like it in particular, they still work. After George W. Bush’s defeat of Vice President Al Gore, the last time it happened was 2000. It isn’t ideal, but it works in a Representative Republic such as the United States. It would need to be changed by the Congress, the majority of fifty US states and Constitutional Amendment. (in Open Dictionary, added by Roberto Durham)

It’s a bull shit idea. The person who wins the popular vote, often doesn’t get the presidency. (in Open Dictionary, added by Angeline Perkins)

A plan to stop one region or city from choosing the next president. It is designed to make a candidate for the presidency win all of America’s votes. It doesn’t always work but it can often prevent what is happening in New York from being replicated elsewhere. New York is a state that is roughly half-democratic and has about 70% of its population. (in Open Dictionary, added by Tobías Rubio)

1: An arrangement that gives people who live under the rocks of Wyoming extra control over the government. This is the system used to make the United States the most powerful nation in human history. Also see senate. 2. Wyoming: A Wyoming man who fucks you up for the rest of your lives and then has enough gall to be smug about it. (in Open Dictionary, added by Inés Velasco)

George W. Bush was elected to the White House by the system of voting. (in Open Dictionary, added by Thalia Richards)