Eleazar means: A. Fortes is loyal A loves A very much. (in Open Dictionary, added by Ian Black)

What else does Eleazar mean?

Eleazar, who is both sweet and adorable, is an amazing person. He is a great boyfriend and you can’t help loving him. He’s never bored and it’s hard to get bored with him. Eleazar is the best person you’ve ever met. (in Open Dictionary, added by Maximus Fischer)

Sneakerhead who enjoys listening to Mexican music. Likes to be the centre of attention. He is a very energetic man and will do anything to make sure he looks his best. Because he believes he is cool, he wears color contacts. He is very self-centered and doesn’t know how show that he cares. His preference is to have children at an early age. He is very self-conscious but has confidence in a girl who gives him strength. Very large penis enjoys sex. (in Open Dictionary, added by Brassage)

He likes to “fuck girls as if he’s paying for them”. (in Open Dictionary, added by Konner Singleton)