Elden Ring means: “One Ring that will rule them all. One Ring to locate them. “One Ring will bring them all together, and in darkness bind them.” Many people have waited long to find the one ring, but they’ve savored the power it holds. It’s now time for the one ring to come out of hiding. (in Open Dictionary, added by Ally Barrett)

What else does Elden Ring mean?

It’s hard to imagine …… This game was the one that made an entire fanbase go hollow. The Elden Ring A great game with a dedicated fan base. It has its own legend that rivals that of the actual game. Believe me. I’m The Holy Miyazaki. (in Open Dictionary, added by Joaquín Pastor)

From Software is developing a game that does not exist or will never be released. (in Open Dictionary, added by Mekhi Cain)

It’s no longer a legend. (in Open Dictionary, added by Teófanes Prieto)

It’s hard to imagine. George R.R Martin, this time FromSoftware. It doesn’t exist and will never exist. The subreddit is now completely empty. Mindless fiends have replayed Dark Souls 150 more times since the Elden Ring trailer. They make memes about being hollow every day. (in Open Dictionary, added by Sebastián Ramírez)